Thursday, January 22, 2009

Max and Amelia

I wanted to post some pictures of Max and Amelia, since Katie has not updated her blog since Nov. 2007! She sent me these cute pictures! Max is 27 months and is talking up a storm. He can hold a real conversation with you (Katie may have to translate a few words) and he just started swim lessons. Amelia is 8 months and is crawling, pulling up on and walking around furniture, and has recently starting standing by herself. They will be here to visit next month, so there will definitly be more pictures of them, then.

He looks like Katie still

Katie said that Max was very quiet the other day so she knew something was wrong. She went in the room and this is what she found....check out his socks!

Amelia on the move.

Going for a swim?

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Amber said...

They're adorable, and I know you'll have a blast when they visit.