Monday, February 9, 2009


This weekend we went to Tampa for Gasparilla. This is our 7th year ( I think) going! It is an absolute blast, every year. We had a group of 9 people with us. (Stacy got to come but Scott had to stay home b/c their babysitter cancelled!) The weather was gorgeous and we had fun catching beads.

Thank you Nonnie and Papa for watching Annie and Jesse so we could go on our annual Gasparilla weekend!

Here are some pictures...

The girls...(Not pregnant!) Brie, me, STacy, Priscilla, Marcy
This was us last year! (Priscilla was also with us and pregnant but I couldn't find a picture of all 4 of us!)

Me and Brie

The boys: Tanner, Greg, Dan, Adam

Pirate ship float.

Throw me something mister

Our group

Me, Tanner, Brie and Adam

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