Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just some pictures

Sunday Collins and Rooster came over and we had a little superbowl party. We walked down to the art festival before the game and enjoyed some good fried foods...heres Annie eating her hot dog.

And here's Jesse wishing he could eat a hot dog too!

I think I have seen pictures of all babies in their daddy's boots...Annie finally found Tanner's boots...She didn't keep her balance long b/c the boots were so big and heavy.

I walked out of the room to change annie's diaper and when I came back, Jesse rolled himself under the chair! He was just laughing and smiling under there!

Poor Jess!

Of course I had to take pictures before I got him out from under the chair!

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The Abney Family said...

I had to laugh for those pictures of Jesse under the chair! How funny is that? (Don't worry, I would've grabbed the camera first, too)