Saturday, March 28, 2009

Potty Training!

So, I decided to start potty training Annie on MOnday. She was showing all the "signs" that she was ready...pulling her pants up and down, taking off her diaper, showing interest in the I thought why not. All weekend we kept talking about how on Monday we were saying goodbye to diapers. Annie got to pick out her own "big girl" panties and we were all set...yeah right!!!
We threw out all the diapers Monday and put on the panties! We stayed in all day Monday and Tuesday and only wore panties! To be was the hardest two days of motherhood...and maybe of my whole life! I actually had a nervous twitch in my face!
I was trying to follow the three day potty training method (without reading the book;-) I was just winging it from what others have told me from the book). The concept is to get rid of diapers and stick to your child like glue and when they start going run them to the potty. Well, two problems...1. How do you stick to your toddler like glue when you have an 8 month old crawling around everywhere who also has to eat and have their diaper changed? and 2. What do you do when you put your toddler on the potty and she throws a full blown tantrum??
I heard it was going to be hard and to just stick with it, but I really thought I was going to lose my mind. This is what the potty looked like Mon. and Tues....empty!

Wed. we went to tanner's mom's house and annie just wore diapers and we didn't talk about the whole potty my mind, I was just going to give up and try again in a few months. But then Thurs. came and I decided not to give up yet and also include M&Ms as a reward for simply sitting on the potty and again for going to the potty...and worked!!!!! She totally got it. She went to the potty three times Thurs. and 6 times yesterday! She has gone this morning and hasn't had an accident today and we even went out this morning! We went out yesterday with panties and she did have a few accidents, but I know that will take some time! I'm just excited that she's not kicking and screaming...I'm sure its b/c of the M&Ms but works!!!! Oh, and now she doesn't need the M&M as a reward just for sitting on the potty...she only gets them when she goes! She's telling me when she has to potty too! It's a miracle...and my nervous twitch is gone!!!
Here's my big girl...look...she's smiling too!

Oh and here's the reason that she's probably smiling about going! M&Ms...yum!

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katie said...

way to go annie! you are such a big girl. m&m's are yummy! i'm glad you stopped driving your mamma crazy.