Friday, April 3, 2009


I take so many pictures of the kids, but I always forget to video them. I have been trying to do that a little more often. Here are a couple of little clips that I took of them yesterday. Notice Annie's outfit...big girl panties and boots! That is all she wants to is even a struggle getting her to wear the panties. She would go around naked all day if it were her choice...except for the boots. Those are the first things she puts on every morning!

Jesse is getting so big and fast! He's trying to keep up with big sis!


katie said...

how freakin cute!! i can't believe bo jess how much he is crawling. that rascal was trying to trip his sister. annie is a nut running around in her boots and panties. lol

kasey said...

Is it actually big girl panties or big girl pull ups....?