Friday, April 17, 2009

more easter stuff

Last week we went to the mall with our little buddies for some Easter fun. The kids saw the easter bunny (but didn't get a picture with him b/c we weren't about to pay $15 for one 3X5 picture...ridiculous!), and they got to ride the Easter Train (which was only $1!). The girls and Leo had a blast! They looked so big riding the train all by themselves!

Addison and Annie in the caboose.

Look at their little heads!

Of course we had to make a stop at Gymboree! The kids looked so cute sitting down watching tv...I had to get a few pictures.

They also got to watch the mechanical bunnies read a story. Annie knocked the little gray one down!

Nu-Nu (aka Nola) got Annie easter hats. Of course Jesse had to wear one too.

We planted some Easter flowers (a Teach Your Tot activity). Annie was a big help (kind of ;-) and Jesse just oversaw the whole project!

Easter flowers

Here are our finished project.

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