Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Easter was great...thank you Jesus for everything you went through for us!

Here are way way too many pictures!

The Easter bunny stopped in NSB!

He brought chocolates and here they are stuffed in Annie's mouth!

Yes, those are baby puffs in her basket. She loves them and eats all of Jesses!

Jesse is munching on his treats too

The Easter Bunny hid Annie's eggs! She found most of them...Jesse did find one though!

I think he's happy that he found one.

We went to mass before lunch. annie went potty at mass and ran out and yelled "Annie went pee-pee" for everyone sitting in the back to hear! It was funny!

After mass we went to Nonnie and Papas for dinner and more egg hunts!

Annie and jesse loved the bubbles

We tried to get a nice family Easter picture...

This is one is a little better ;-)

Pretty girl!

There's the man!

One picture with mommy and daddy with just Jesse! (b/c Annie wouldn't sit still!)

Climbing on daddy

Having fun with Uncle

Loving Legos

This was her choice...she wanted to get in the dog cage with the Legos!

Annie went on a egg hunt at Nonnie and Papas too...

There was something special in her eggs...listen...


Nonnie, Papa, Uncle, and Aunt Lynzie got annie a piggy bank and put coins in all the eggs. She had a blast opening the eggs and putting the money in her bank. Now, she's got a good start at saving for her first car!


Amber said...

Yep, the Brock kids are still precious! I know exactly how you feel trying to get that family picture!

kasey said...

I love her dress. What a beautiful family!