Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

I hope that all my Mommy Friends had a wonderful day today! I hope that all of you got completely spoiled, b/c you deserve it! All of my friends, are such WONDERFUL moms and it makes me so happy to see them with their beautiful kids!
I feel so blessed today (and everyday). I have two beautiful healthy babies and an amazing husband! I couldn't ask for anything more! My whole life, my dream was to be a mom...and I couldn't be happier living out that dream (in the good and bad times!!!)
We got up this morning and had a nice walk to eat breakfast.

We headed to the beach for a few hours this afternoon! Annie and Jesse are both such beach bums!!! Jess ate a teething biscuit while we ate lunch and he made a complete MESS!

After a great morning and afternoon, Annie woke up from her nap pretty fussy! I guess she forgot that it was still mother's day!!! Tanner was so great...he took charge and let me relax a little in the mist of all the 2 year old tormoil!!! Now is cooking dinner for us! Thanks Tanner!!!
I get to keep "living it up" tomorrow too...b/c I turn 30! OMG!

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Amber said...

Corey, we are so much alike; I don't know why we didn't hang out more in high school/college. My dream has always been to be a mom too! We are so blessed!