Monday, May 11, 2009

So I don't forget

My sister does a really good thing with her blog and it has inspired me to write more! She posts pictures and videos but she updates her blog almost daily, with a lot of journaling about what Max and Amelia are doing or what they said that was funny! I think these little things are so important so that we don't forget! Since Jess has come into our lives, I have been terrible about writing all the little things down. Annie has a scrapbook the size of texas and a baby book where I recorded a lot of her firsts. Poor Jess doesn't have a thing! So, I am going to start writing more on our blog so that I will at least have things written down to read one day! With that said...

Yesterday, Jesse gave me the best Mother's Day present ever...he said Mama for the first time!!! He already says dada (of course), ugh-oh, and bye bye. I swear he also said block and cracker this week too! He is crawling and pulling up (but not standing on his own yet). He has become such a mama's boy lately too and I love it! If I give him to someone else, she reaches out his arms for me again! If I leave the room, he cries or crawls to where I am. annie never did this. Although I may regret it in a few months, I am loving it right now!

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