Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away..

It has literally not stopped raining here for 3 1/2 days! We have been trying to find some indoor things to keep us busy! Even though simply getting into the car with two babies is enough to get us all soaked!
Annie and Jesse have been doing a lot of rain watching!

Yesterday we took a little trip to check out the fish at Super Walmart with Addison and Sarah! Of course, Addison and Annie both came home with Beta Fish, both named Dorothy! (very orginal, huh!) The girls had fun looking at the fish and getting to pick out their own new pets.

Today, we went to The Jumpy Place with Kristy, Ethan, Leo, Joey, Sarah, and Addison! It was SO much fun. (well there were a few bigger bully kids there that we could have done without but for the most part it was great!) Annie is totally fearless. She would climb these steep stairs by herself and slide right down, over and over!

She just loves to jump so this place was right up her alley!

Jess and Joey came along too. There wasn't any jumpy things for them, so I got an arm workout carrying this little chunk in my arms for almost 2 hours!



Here are a couple of videos of Annie enjoying herself!

I am so proud of annie for how well she behaved while we were at the Jumpy Place too! She didn't even pout or scream when it was time to go home! (which is a first!!! ;-)

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