Monday, May 18, 2009


I took a few videos of the kids playing this weekend.

Annie watched the Preakness horse race with Tanner this weekend. As soon as it was over she started pretending like she was a horse running...(she could run laps around our house all day long!)

Here is Jesse saying uh-oh...well, kind of. Mostly you can just hear Annie saying it.

Annie wanted to push Jesse around in her baby doll's stroller. You all know how this is going to turn out...

If we acknowledge the fact that Jesse is crawling and try to tell him good job, Annie immediately gets on her knees and says Annie's crawling!!! It is so funny! Sometimes she will chase him around the house crawling. Here they are racing! Jess is so funny...he puts his little head down and really goes fast!

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kasey said...

OMG....LOL the one when she is pushing him and then she just dumps him out is so funny! Luckly Tanner was there to make the fall a little easier!