Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend with the Hertzs!

We have been planning for Adam (tanner's bff since kindergarten) and Brie and their kids to come over to our house for Memorial Day since March! We were so excited for them to come over b/c for some reason, we usually go to visit them in Tampa. We were going to go to the beach and get a boat for a day. Well...it started raining last Sunday and didn't stop until This Sunday! After 5 straight days of rain, tanner and I woke up Thursday morning, got out of bed, and stepped into water! UGH! Our bedroom is below grade and with the water being up so high, it just started coming in! We pulled the carpet back and let it dry but since it kept raining, it never dried! So, we had to rearrange our plans and I packed up the kids and drove to Tampa to stay with Brie Friday night and Adam got in the car and drove to our house to help tanner rip our carpet and dry wall in our bedroom! They finished up Sat. afternoon and drove back to Tampa to meet us! It was a wonderful weekend and all the kids had so much fun together!
As, always, here are a thousand pictures!
Jesse and Emmy having breakfast together!

We went to walmart on Friday morning and we were walking through the craft section and Annie spotted some silk flowers. She looked at me and pointed to the flowers and said "Annie get flowers for Carson???" I about started crying right there...she was so sweet. Needless to say we bought the flowers and sweet Annie held onto them for the entire 2 1/2 hour car ride to Tampa! It was the sweetest thing!
Here she is giving them to cArson!

All four babies!


Carson is hillarious!

Watching some TV together!

Since we went to Tampa we got to go to Addy's first birthday party. (scott and Stacey's little girl). She is absolutely precious! Here she is with her big sis Morgan!

Emmy and Addy are making a Jesse sandwich!

Annie running around with the big boys at the party!
Double dinner date!

Babies got back ;-)

Scrub a dub dub!

the man at the pool!

Sweet brother and sister

mommy's boy!

This is Scott and Stacey's neighborhood pool! It was awesome...they had a great slide a zero entry and little fountains! Jess had a turn on the slide...

Annie had a hundred turns on the slide

Brie and I had a turn too!

Annie giving Emmy a kis!

Our family

Who said matching was out??? Not us!

The Brocks and The Hertzs


Amber said...

Oh my god. That baby booty picture is hysterical!!!

kasey said...

WOW all the kids....times sure have change for all of us huh! The naked bath pci is too cute! Whata nice pool!!! Wish we had one like that here!

Anonymous said...

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