Thursday, June 4, 2009

More catching up...

I am slacking with blogging in an attempt to catch up real quick here is a little overview of what has been happening at the Brock household..
Block week at Teach Your Tot. Annie has enjoyed it and Jesse likes to eat them!

Sweet girl with her "Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse"

Hiding behind daddy's truck

Jesse also likes to eat chairs apparently! (without any teeth...still!)

On Sunday, we went to dinner with the wholle Brock clan! Nonnie and Papa, Uncle, and Lynzie. It was fun hanging out with everyone and kids did well at dinner for the most part.

Annie is obsessed with Uncle!

Me and my girl sucking on lemons!

Jesse decided to kick back and relax!

Tanner spent most of the this past weekend, removing brick pavers, digging a trench around our flooded bedroom, sealing it up, putting all the dirt back and soon will be putting the pavers back in place. The inside of the room hasn't been touched yet, so we are still sleeping on our mattress in our living room. Every night we drag it from the kitchne into the den and make up our bed. Then everymorning we pick up all or pillows and comforters and drag the mattress back againnst the kitchen wall where is sits all stuff, huh!

This past Thurs. I went to Orlando to meet Kristy, her mom, her grandma and Tanya to celebrate Kristy's birthday. We went to citywalk and had a blast!!!
Birthday girl who still has a whole other year in her 20's!

Margaritaville in Citywalk
We went dancing at The was 80's night. Kristy's grandma broke it was great!

Thriller dance!

Random picture of Jesse b/c he's so cute! ;-)

A couple weeks ago was ice cream week at Teach Your Tot and we made our own homemade ice cream! Annie was a big help putting the ice into the bag...

And helping me shake it up....

And of course eating it! (it was actually pretty yummy!)

I took out some of my Little People toys for her to play with and I think she likes them better than her new little people stuff..go figure!


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