Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Orleans take 1

last Tuesday, Annie Jess and I packed up the car and drove all the way to New Orleans by ourselves. I was a little nervous about making the trip without Tanner, but the kids did AWESOME! I am so proud of them! I have to thank Elmo for helping me out most of the way!
Here are a few pictures of our trip...eating breakfast at McDonalds..

For lunch we stopped at a rest area. There was a cute walking path that hiked on to stretch out legs.

Katie, Max, and Amelia were already in New Orleans when we got here! We got to spend 4 days with them which was great! Here are some pictures of our time together...
Max and Annie are obsessed with the street car and went on a ride everyday.

Jess liked it too!

Big kids sitting all by themselves!

We went to the park a few times too...

Check out Jess's cute shoes from Aunty Collins!

We also took a trip to the aquarium, which was awesome! We met some of Katie's friends and their kids there too. Annie and Jesse loved looking at the fish. Here's Jess...he was focused on all the fish in the tunnel!

Annie and Max with Nola

Me and Annie in the shark teeth!

Jess playing in the clam

Annie the seal

Meely and Jess

Me and Annie again.

Nola took Jesse outside...we couldn't find them anywhere and when we finally did this is what we found...Jess soaked playing in the sprinklers!

We went to my cousin's Tracy and Lorie and CArolyn's house to take all the kids swimming. They got Annie and max floaties and goggles!

Going for yet another street car ride!

Sweet girl waiting for the street car!

Sisters and the babies!

My little preciouses!

Ameilia and Jess taking a break.

On my parent's balcony!

This is only the first half of our trip. I will post more tomorrow but for now, it is time for bed! Good night from New Orleans!

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Amber said...

Harper loved the streetcar too. So glad you got to have a wonderful trip!