Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Orleans take 2

We have been so busy in NOLA. My mom and I crash every night right after the kids go to sleep. Here's some more from our trip...
This weekend, I got to spend some much appreciated girl time with my wonderful friends from Slidell! We all stayed at Al's house together and we laughed until we cried all weekend long!
Me, Jacqueline and Al...we haven't been together, just the three of us, since college!


me, Min, Laurie, Katie, Jacq, and Al...our weekend crew!

Al got to play the guitar with the band! Go figure...we are the oldest people in the college bar and we are the ones rocking!!!! haha!

Sat., we had a planned to spend all day on the boat, but it rained until about 4:00, so we sat in our PJ's relaxing and laughing on the couch, which was just as much fun! Luckily we did get a little boat time in! Jason was so nice to drive 6 girls around on the lake!

Me and Min!

Lounging and getting some sun!

Hanging out in the lake!

Jason also cooked a wonderful dinner for us Sat. night and we relaxed with some wine on Al's patio. Ahhhh!

Of course Sun. I was more than ready to see Annie and Jesse and hopped right back into hecticness!!! We took the kids to feed the ducks in Audubon Park. Annie loved it and ate most of the bread herself!

Walking back to the condo.

Monday my mom and I took the kids to cafe du monde for chocolate milk and beignets.

Jess got to eat his first beignet!

We walked around the french quarter, Jackson square and the cathedral. Annie got a balloon dog from one of the clowns on the street!

We kept telling Annie, this is where Nanan got married!

And yesterday afternoon we took Annie and Jess to eat her first New Orleans snowball. She wanted a pink one, so she got cotton candy! YUM!

She also liked Nola's coconut cream flavor!

And Jess Man liked them all!

Sweet boy playing in Nola's condo!

This morning, we took the kids to go meet the author of Goodnight Nola, a cute new children's book that just recently came out! If you are from NOLA or just love it here, you have to get this book! Tracy, Lorie, and Carolyn got a copy for Annie, Jess, Max and Amelia so we took the books to get signed!

Annie and Jesse were the only two kids there so the auther (Cornell Landry) read it to them! Their own personal book reading!!! ;-)

He was super nice and told us the whole story of how the book came about. He wrote it for his 2 year old daughter!
Both kids actually wanted to sit on his lap too!
So, today is our last day here in New Olreans. I sure we will keep going non-stop until we leave! It has been a wonderful visit and we have done a lot! We really really miss daddy though and cannot wait to see him tomorrow!!!

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