Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hertz/ Brock family weeken

Last weekend, Adam, Brie, Carson and Emmy came and stayed with us! Even though there were 4 adults and 4 kids in our small house, we had an absolute blast! We played and talked and laughed all weekend! Here are some highlights from the 3 days!
Sweet Emmy Girl...isn't she gorgeous!

We walked to the park and Annie and Carson had their first ice creams from the ice cream man!

Eating Dora ice creams that were scary looking and tasted awful!

Find all 4 kids!

We painted!

And turned the backyard into a carnival!

AWWWWW!!! If this isn't the sweetest picture!

Snack Time

Taking a break to watch a video!

Brie was brave and let the kids give her a makeover!

It was fun to hang out when the kids went to bed!

Good times with Great friends!


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