Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Oh "Boy"

Is this a boy thing, b/c Annie was never a big climber...all I can say is HELP!
We were at Tanner's parent's house yesterday and out of nowhere Jesse just climbs up on this chair..

And then right on top of the table!

And you see that pretty candle behind him...that is no more! He broke it!

Every time we took him off, he would go right back for the chair and table! AHHHHH! Definitely doesn't get any easier!

We went to a walk yesterday and we found these magnolia bulbs. When I was little my G-paw used tell us they were alligator here is annie with her alligator feet!
BTW: How do you teach a kid to smile? This what we get when we ask Annie to smile!

And here's my little man again! (on the ground)

This is just cute! haha! I know may be a little biased but come on...

Rainbow on our way home yesterday evening!

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kasey said...

Ha! I was a climber, so its not just a boy thing! I was climbing out of my crib at 9 months! Good luck with that though. I love Annie's smile, Ryan is going through something sort of the same smile thing, its so funny.