Wednesday, July 8, 2009

July 4th!

We had a wonderful July 4th weekend. Jason and Leigh came from Kentucky to stay with us. We picked them up at the airport Thurs. evening and headed straight to the new Smyrna Beach speedway!!! This is aka red neck car racing! Tanner and Jason loved it and Leigh and I actually thought it was fun too!
Fri. we rented a boat and spent the whole day cruising around and relaxing! Taylor and Lynzie came with us. Here are some pictures of our boat day!
Cute Leigh and Jason

Tanner dreaming that this was his boat!

Taylor and Lynzie

The girls

Tanner and Jason

We just beat this storm back to the dock!

Fri. night we went to the garlic, my favorite resteraunt.

And we went go cart racing, to get the spirit of racing

Tanner won and Jason got yelled at for taking an extra lap!

Sat. we went to the Daytona Speedway for the Coke Zero 400 Nascar race! This was Leigh and my first nascar experience and when it was all said and done, we both agreed that we are definitely Nascar fans now! It was amazing and if anyone knocks it, you should definitely go watch a live race and then see how you feel!!!! haha!
We tailgated for a little while (where we saw lots of blow up pools and even a pool built into a truck! Good stuff!)

Me and Leigh about to enter our first race!

Tanner and Jason very excited!

Leigh and I were taking pictures through the gate of the infield and the security guard asked us if we wanted to go down there...of course we do!!! So, we all got to go on the infield and walk around. Buckcherry (who we didn't know) played. We got to walk on pit row and sign Dale Juniors pit wall (if that is what you call it!). It was a really neat experience....more pictures.
The infield

We signed Dale Junior's wall. It says...We love you (or at least our husbands do)

Leigh and Jason by Junior's Pit

Me and Tanner by Juniors pit

Pit row

All the drivers

Dale Junior

Kasey Kahne...he is my favorite

Jeff Gordan

Joey Logano...I like him too. We all got to pick 2 drivers (b/tw) us and I had him and Kasey Kahne. Tanner won, b/c he had tony stewart.

Tony Stewart...Coke Zero champ

Fly over


Leigh and I pretending we know what to do with these!

It was a great 4th of July! Leigh and Jason are such great friends and it was wonderful to get to see them! Next time, we want to get together with all 5 kids too!

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kasey said...

Awesome pics! I am sure you were about to piss in your pants when you say that storm coming though! LOL