Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend in Orlando

Tanner's parents went to N.C. for a few days so we came over to stay at their house to be closer to Tanner's work and enjoy their neighborhood! We love our house and being close to the beach, but it hard to beat spending an afternoon playing and riding bikes in a driveway and on sidewalks and swimming in their pool! Here are some pictures of us enjoying it...
Tanner writing on actual sidewalk with chalk instead of our wooden deck! :-)

That chalk is 3-D so Annie wore these cool glasses most of the time we were outside!

Riding bikes! We have nowhere to really ride bikes by our house since we live on a busy street!

She rode her tricylce all by herself!

But Annie's absolute favorite thing to do was sit in Nonnie's car seat that was not in the car! She buckled herself in and sat contently all weekend!

Enjoying the driveway!

Lunch poolside

Another reason for coming to Orlando...and the very best reason...was to see Jaqueline, Casey and their sweet boys! They came and stayed with us at Tanner's parents on SAt. night before heading to Disney on Sunday! I finally got to meet Hudson and see Walker again (it has been 4 years) and Jacq got to meet Annie and Jess...a way way overdo visit!
Here are Jess and Hudson...they are only 5 weeks apart!

HUdson, Jesse, WAlker and Annie!

Walker called Annie his "precious Annie!"

Annie asked us to bring the carseat inside! AS I am writing this she is safely buckled in eating her snack! It definitly makes for an easy weekend!

Easy until Jesse tries to get her!!!

She woke up this morning and had to "check her email" while sitting buckled in her seat!

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Anonymous said...

Annie is so hilarious! I laughed so hard about her checking her email while sitting in her carseat in the house! And wow...3-D chalk?!? I'm amazed at the things I'll discover as Thomas gets a bit older! Thanks for sharing these fun times with your family!