Thursday, August 20, 2009

dogs and picnics and big beds!

I am rekindling my relationship with our dogs this week! It is dog week at Teach Your Tot so we have been doing everything with Hallie and Mullet! We made them homemade doggy treats, bathed them, brushed them, walked know all the things you are suppossed to do with dogs! haha! I do love our dogs, I'm just saying, they were much easier before having 2 kids! Anyone else know what I mean! Anyway, Annie and Jess LOVE Hallie and Mullet to pieces, so they are enjoying this week so much! Here they are giving the dogs a bath.

There were a lot of clouds out this afternoon, so it wasn't too too hot. We set up a picnic lunch, in the shade and had fun eating!

And this BIG news...just in...Annie is sleeping, right now, as I type this, in her big girl bed! Whoa! i'm shocked. We have been talking about with her a little, but when it comes down to her actually laying in her big bed to go to sleep, she puts up a little fit and wants to go in her crib. We haven't pushed the issue yet, but this morning we were talking abut it a little and I told her that if she slept in her big girl bed tonight then I would take her to get a special toy tomorrow. Well, when she was getting ready for her nap, she told me she wanted to sleep in her big girl bed. I really thought she was just kidding, but I laid her down in her big bed, tucked her in, and gave her all her 600 sleepytime friends and she never made a peep! Wow! This was way too easy...somethings going to blow up about this, I know it! Of course, I had to get a picture...

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The Abney Family said...

I hope that nap lasted a while. Maybe she is sleeping in it all the time by now?? Good luck!