Thursday, August 27, 2009

Working 9-5! (well actually 7-3)

I started "work" yesterday! I am keeping one little girl in our home and on Fridays I wll have her little sister as well. Eventually I will have both of them full time! This is such a blessing for our family that I get to work and still be able to be home with Annie and Jesse! I know that there will be hard moments with four babies (Annie is the oldest) but I am completely grateful! My wonderful husband brought me these pretty flowers yesterday for a "Congrats you made it through your first day!" :-)

Before the kids get to the house in the morning and before my two wake up and at night, I have been working hard on Teach Your Tot stuff! Thanks to everyone again for their support and for sharing the website with others! I really appreciate it! I made these little sandpaper letters last night and put the directions for them on the TYT Blog! All three kids enjoyed these this morning during our "school time."

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