Friday, August 28, 2009


Tonight was Annie's first dance class! she was very excited about going and we got there and put on her ballet shoes and she sat down with all the other girls (who had already been there before) and I walked out of the room and then it happened...her little bottom lip started to poke out and she started bawling..."I want my mommy!" (is it bad that that made me a tiny bit happy????) The teacher was great...she picked Annie up and let her sit by her until Annie calmed down. She never came and got me, which I am thankful for! After a short time, Annie saw how much fun the other girls were having and she dried her tears and started to particpate! By the end of class she didn't want her mommy anymore! Even though she didn't always do what the teacher was teaching, she had a blast and they started "learning" their routine for their Christmas recital!!! Here are som pictures!

Poor Annie inherited my coordination!
Here is a true picture of my Annie!!! Ballet leotard with a hat on playing in the rocks!

I kept all four babies today! All in all it was a good day! There were tough moments, but with four babies under 2 1/2 that is to be expected! Annie and Jesse both loved baby Peyton!!! Jesse was so sweet! He kept giving her her pacifier when she started crying! What a little gentelman!

Here are a few picture of my big 1 year old! Just because...

Jesse Loves this monkey like Annie loves her blankey, even though it has been in the dog water bowl and several toilets!


katie said...

look at bo-jess how handsome!

kasey said...

I didnt know Annie was talking dance!! Ryan wants to take dance and her Aunt Niq wasnt me to put her in dance....but of course I didnt I think I will next year though. I think a yr will make a difference.