Monday, October 19, 2009

New Orleans Again!

We were very lucky to get a take a last minute trip to New Orleans last week. Katie and the kids were there and it was so fun seeing them again! Here is a brief summary of our trip, in pictures. Warning: There are a lot of pictures! ;-)

Sunday, when we go there, we had a birthday party for Max in City Park. Can you believe he's almost three! Some of Katie's friends and their kids came, and our coousins and Laurie and Lil!

Jess was very uncooperative, as always for pictures! But its funny!

These pictures were in Storyland at city park. This place is so fun and I can remember going here when I was little! It hasn't changed too much. We also went and rode some of the other rides in the park too.
Meely is getting so big and so adorable!

Max was dieinng to ride a train, so we found a Halloween train in the mall. Annie and Jesse weren't excited for the first ride, but they loved it the second time around!

My mom and I took Annie and Max for coffee, chocolate milk and muffins at PJ's!

Yum! Max taught annie how to blow bubbles in the milk! This was a hit!

Sweet cousins

Jesse was absolutely OBSESSED with the street cars. He would sit at the window and wait for one to ride by. Then he would start screaming waving his arms and hitting the glass. it was so funny. He did this everytime he saw one, even if we were driving in the car! My dad got this picture of him from the outside as a st. car was driving by! LOL
Waiting patiently!

Saying goodbye doesn't ever get easier!

All four kiddos!

Sweet Girl

We spent the day in the french quarter with Al (nanan), uncle Jason and Minnie. The kids loved taking all of nanan and Minnnie's money and throwing it in the fountain.

haha! Nanan couldn't get her change out fast enough for them!

Love these girls!


Nanan and Uncle Jason! Annie LOVED uncle Jason.. She kept asking if he would hold her. I think Jason liked the practice! Jesse...well, Jesse only likes daddy to hold him!

Chasing pigeons was also a big hit too!

Getting Roman Candy at the kept getting stuck in her teeth and I had to dig it out for her. It really is sticky stuff!

Sea Lions

Annie kept asking to go see the snakes. When we finally got there she would get real close to the cage and say "Aww...cute little snake!" WOW! Where did she get this from!?

Jesse loved running around checking out all the animals. He kept screaming "Animal" and "Elephant" real loud!

Checking out the Lion and White Tiger. Annie looked at the White tiger and said "That tiger is amazing!"

Running back for another look at the elephants.


And so, another trip to New Orleans comes to an end!

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