Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thankful day 15: a GREAT weekend

What a beautiful weekend! Blue skies highs in the 70's...perfect for lots of outside fun. We started off Sat. morning playing soccer and basketball in this field by our house...

Then we jogged to the beach, to find out that there was a big art show so we stopped and played by the beach for awhile then walked through the art show before running back home.

Then the kids and I went to Ryleigh's birthday party. There was a bounce house and slide, which was about the greatest thing ever! Annie and Jesse didn't want to get out of it the whole time we were there!

Sat. evening we watched some football with Tanner's dad then went to a party for Tanner's work with Taylor and Lynzie. It was so fun spending some time with them. Sun. was filled with church and lots of football! I'm sad for the weekend to come to an end but thankful that it was so nice! :-)

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