Monday, November 16, 2009

Thankful day 16: Sippy Cups that do NOT leak!

Sippy Cups are a big part of our lives right now. With two thirsty toddlers, I feel like we go through at least 10 sippy cups a day! Most of them end up like this... Turned over on the floor! And half the time, they leak out all over. Sippy Cups that do not leak make my life so much easier and therefore I am so thankful for them!!! :-)

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Marlana said...

YES! I completely agree!! How old are your kids, or how far apart are they? I have a 2 year old (he turned 2 last June, so coming close to 2.5 now!) and I have an (almost) 15 month old. They are about 14.5 months apart and keep me BUSY BUSY BUSY, and yes... we end up with sippies on the floor just like that ALL THE TIME!