Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thankful day 7 and 8

Thankful Days 7 and 8: Some kid-free QT with Tanner and having them back home!
Tanner and I are very thankful for his parents, keeping the kids this weekend. We were able to have dinner together and spend some time together at Kristy and Ethan's house Friday night. We thought we would sleep in on Sat...yeah right. Of course we were up at 6:45. Why is that? No kids and we still couldn't sleep late. Oh well, we got coffee hit the Old Navy $1 scarf sale and went to the Daytona speedway (Tanner's choise obviously) then to lunch. It was so much fun spending the morning together, talking about the kids the whole time of course.

Sat. we also attended a wine tasting and dinner with Collins and Rooster at the Garlic to celebrate Collins 30thbday!!! This morning, I attended church by myself, while Tanner went to his contracting class. It was a great weekend but the very best part of the whole weekend was going to pick up the kids this morning! I am so thankful for the time with just Tanner and I (I think this is important for us) but I am much more thankful to have Annie and Jesse back home. The world is right once again!

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