Monday, November 9, 2009

Thankful day 9: Saltine Toffee

Thankful Day: Saltine Toffee
My BFF, Al, gave me this recipe for Saltine Toffee. It is so simple and only calls for a few ingredients. Layer Saltine on a baking sheet, heat butter and brown sugar slowly to a low boil and pour over the crackers and bake. Then it calls for a bag of chocolate chips to layer on top. However, we didn't have any chocolate chips in our house but we had LOTS of left over Halloween candy. Annie helped me unwrap the Recees peanut butter candies and the Hersheys chocolate, eating some while she was doing it, and I chopped them up to melt on top of this Saltine Toffee Goodness! :-) It is delicious and makes us all happy! (The little things right!)

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