Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mother's Day

I think Mother's Day should be every Sunday! Anyone else agree?? What a nice relaxing day! I woke up to breakfast in bed, made by Tanner, Annie, and Jesse (not sure how much little man actually contributed!). The kids joined me and ate their breakfast in bed with me too. After church, I went to have brunch with Kristy and her mom and grandma. It was delicious and again, very relaxing to eat a nice meal with adult company! We went to their house in the afternoon for a Mother's Day party and Kristy and I actually just sat down the whole time while Tanner and Ethan attended to the kids needs!!!!
Oh, well...I guess I got up a few times to help Jesse, who didn't really like he slide!

The husbands even bathed all four kids too!

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