Wednesday, May 19, 2010


To end our week on Sea Animals (visit for more details!), we took the kids to Seaworld! Jesse has been absolutely obsessed with dolphins lately! We spend many evening walking down to the river to look at the dolphins in the water, so he LOVED Seaworld. Annie was a little unsure about the whales (which is the first place that we went), but once she realized that they were not going to jump out of tank and eat her, she enjoyed the day!

Waiting for Shamu! This show is different after the horrible trainors are allowed in the water with the whales anymore. It was still amazing!
Where to next?
All smiles!

My kiddos!
Annie was wiped at the end of day! she dozed off for about two minutes before we got to the spalsh park area!
She definitly woke up for this!

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