Thursday, June 17, 2010

My little artists

Summer is here and we are loving it! I am enjoying my time with just my own two kids and we are definitly keeping busy with playdates and the beach! When the day gets too hot we just do a little of this or that to try to keep busy! Here are some pictures of the kids painting! I am amazed at how different their pictures turned out! Jesse has really become very into coloring/painting/drawing lately! He looks real intense when he paints and actually worked on this for about 20 minutes...which we all know in 2 year old time is like 6 hours! :-)
And here is Annie's picture! See how different they are! Annie likes to use all of one color first than all of the next color until they are gone! Is this OCD??? haha!
We had fun drawing in shaving cream. Annie practiced writing her letters, which is way more fun to do in shaving cream than on paper!
This also made our kitchen table very shiny and smell good! :-)

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