Sunday, June 13, 2010

Annie's Dance Recital

Annie had her second dance recital Sat. evening! It was a full day of dancing, with a full dress rehearsal then just enough time for a nap before the performance started. Of course she did great and loved every minute of it! Here are some pictures of these cuties!
Gettting ready to go onstage!
Applying lip gloss!
Annie and Addi...besties!
All the girls got a trophy after the show. (Well, except about tear my heart out! When I went backstage to pick her up, her little lip was poking out and she said "I didn't get a trophy." I wanted to cry for her. They called her name and even asked at the end if everyone had gotten a trophy, but Annie never stood up. We told her teacher and she immediately got her one and all was well! annie carried that little trophy with her into the resteraunt and was very proud!)

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