Sunday, June 6, 2010

North Carolina Vacation

We spent the week in North Carolina with the Hertz family! It was so relaxing and the kids all had a blast together. There were definitly times that were chaotic but having 4 kids all within 2 years of each other was actually easier, since they all are happy playing together! Here are many many pictures of our fun trip!
Caron and Annie hanging out on the back porch.
We spent a lot of time swimming ( was still a little cool for the outdoor pool.) Annie and Jesse did great in the water...I definitely think its time for swim lessons.
Jesse throwing rocks just like daddy when he was little!
Brie and I
Next year there will 6 of these monkeys!
Lollipop break
The Hertz family canoeing

Out to dinner
Adam and Tanner enjoying their "adult time" golfing
It rained a few days that we were there, but that didn't stop the kiddos from having fun. Its amazing what some rain boots will do for a rainy day! they spent a long time playing outside.
Catching rain on her tongue
Our poor kiddos with no shorts!
Jesse...the silly one!
Running down the hill was a big hit too!
While the guys played golf this is what we did...
Painted our bellies!
We went fishing and caught some BIG ONES! (as Jesse would say)
Taking after daddy
JEsse was a fish hog. Whenever someone would catch one, he would run and grab it and hold it then throw it back in the water!
Four Best Friends!
At the nature center
the lady took out a snake for them to touch...yuck!
Check out how cute our God Daughter is!
The whole gang
Paddle boating
Em and Jess

Our turn

Jesse being silly again!
The boys
Brie and I ate this cake in two days and didn't even give the kids any! We made a second one and let the kids have some of that one! :-)

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