Friday, July 23, 2010

Max and Amelia's visit

My parents, Katie, Max and Amelia came to visit us! We were so excited to have them here. All the kids got along so good (didn't sleep much, but got along good!). I wish that they could be around each other all of the time! We took them to the beach, went to visit Maw-Maw, went on bug hunts, went for walks by the river, and just enjoyed the company! Here are some pictures of their visit. We miss them already!

Max and Amelia don't get to bug hunt in AZ b/c if they turn over rocks they will find scorpions! ahhh!
Sweet Cousins!
Taking a break from bug hunting!
Pouty face!
Cutey girl!

All the kids loved seeing the fish tanner caught!
Especially Jesse...he takes after his daddy!

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