Monday, July 12, 2010

New Room...big bed!

It's official...Annie and Jesse are sharing a room, which means that Jesse is now in a big boy bed! So far, it has been 30 minutes and its going great! (I'm shocked) Although it could just be the newness of whole situation, so please say a prayer that this all works out easily! :-)
Jesse in his big boy bed with his cars sheets.
Annie in her new bed with tinkerbell sheets.
We are getting comforters for them this weekend, so right now its cars and tinkerbell...which they were very excited about!
I wanted to say Thank you Thank you to Nonnie who kept the kids all day yesterday and today, while we spent 48 hours cleaning, organizing, moving furniture, and getting all of this ready! Now, its time to organize the baby room and we'll be set! :-)

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