Sunday, August 8, 2010

Waiting, waiting, wainting (impatiently!)

I tell my kids to be patient constantly...I need to take my own advice! I am being very impatient for our baby to make its arrival!!! My mom is here with us to help out and we have been having fun, while we are waiting.

Yesterday we took Annie to the movies (just the girls) to see Toy Story. I know that i'm a little late in seeing this movie, but was so emotional! I cried my eyes out. It was so good though and Annie loved it, wearing her 3d glasses the whole time!

We have spent a lot of time "waiting" outside trying to keep cool in the kids little blow up swimming pool!
Lunch outside usually follows!

Waiting is always more fun, when you spend time at the beach too. Tanner and I took the kids to this cool boardwalk and down for a little swim in the river in these pictures...

We also did a little photo shoot with my big belly! We did this for the other two kids at a photographers; however, with most things, our poor little third baby, didn't get this done. So, we went outside and did some pictures ourselves! Tanner was such a good sport and so were the kids (since it was already so hot at 10 am!)

38 weeks pregnant!

39 weeks pregnant and waiting!

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Kristin Abney said...

Corey, you are such a beautiful momma! Good luck with everything and I hope he/she comes soon! Three is a lot of work, but so fun!!