Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bringing Molly Home!

On Sunday August 15, we got to take Molly home...a little over 24 hours after having her. With Annie and jesse we had to say in the hospital 48 hours after. I guess they figure you are ok to leave sooner with number 3! (actually I think you should get to stay an extra day! haha! Is it bad that I was looking forward to going to hospital? Think about get to lay in bed all day, watch tv, snuggle with your newborn, while other people bring you food and do all your cleaning for you! It was relaxing!) Tanner couldn't get out of there soon enough! check out his sleep deprived blood shot eyes...and those are not b/c of Molly. They are because we both had to share that single hospital bed!
We took these next too pictures right before we left!
Tanner was running out of there!
Jesse says good job dad!

Jesse and Annie got special big brother and big sister presents. Jess got a train!
And Annie got her baby...whhich she named Addison! She told me that her stomache is getting smaller since her baby came out!
Jesse checking out his new sister.
Molly's scared!

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