Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A day at the zoo!

On Friday we took a trip to the...
It was zoo animals week at Teach Your Tot, so we learned all about Zoo animals last week. On Friday we took a "field trip" to the zoo by our house!
Finding our names on the boardwalk was a big hit!
One little monkey!
Jess the Jaguar!
Three of my favorite kiddos!

There was a big insect/kids room where they could dress up like insects. Jesse was a spider (which I guess isn't really an insect is it!? Oh well!)
Riding the carousel was Annie's favorite part of the day! She rode the giraffe, Addison rode the zebra and Jesse tells everyone that he rode the bench! (which is true...he sat on one of those sleigh benches on the carousel. It just makes me laugh to hear him say I rode a bench!)
And of course Jesse's favorite part was riding the train. We were going to pass on this, but just look at that sweet little boy waiting to ride it...how I could I say no?

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