Wednesday, January 19, 2011

5 months

She's 5 months! always happens so fast. Each month creeps up and she's a month older and I can't believe it!
She's sleeping all night and started eating cereal, which of course she loves! The minute it touched her mouth, she just lit up in the huge smile.
She still has those chubby cheeks and contagious smile! She is definitely not that little newborn anymore :-( But I am loving this age, all over again. She's not mobile but very aware and interactive with everything that goes on around her. She likes to lay on her back and grab her toes and roll over (even though sometime she does this at night and gets stuck...then she doesn't like it)

She literally cracks up laughing (that cute chuckle) at Annie and Jesse, who are ALWAYS right in her face. They do not know the meaning of personal space for Molly! Jesse calls her mooscalini. Annie calls her moo-moo. (I'm sure they get these names from us).
This little girl is just the sweetest thing. I rarely put her down, when she's awake b/c I would rather just carry her...she fits in my arms perfectly. I love her!

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Amber said...

She is absolutely beautiful!