Wednesday, February 2, 2011

4 years old is creeping up on us!

We recently celebrated this sweet little girl's 4th birthday! Addison and Annie met when Annie was about 6 months old and they have been inseperable ever since! Annie adores her and I thank God everyday, not only for Addison, but for her mom, Sarah too, who has become one of my closest friends! There really isn't anything better or more comforting than another mom to talk to going through the same things day to day, especially when they live on the same street!
Here are the girls back in 2008! Annie wasn't even walking yet!

Addison turning four made me realize that Annie is only a few months away from being 4! Once again, this got me thinking...where does time go! I hear that 4 is a "magic" age! The age when everything clicks and kids start asking politely for things they want, they stop throwing themselves on the ground kicking and screaming if things don't go their way, they learn to share with their 2 year pesty brothers!!! Bring on 4!

Here are a few more pictures of Addison's carnival themed birthday party!
Snowcones in reason I love living in Florida!
Bounce Houses are the best! Annie was doing somersaults down this slide!
Sweet Molly was taking it all in!

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