Tuesday, February 15, 2011

half a year!

My baby is already a half of a year old!
I'm not sure how much she weighs or how long she is b/c her 6 month checkup is tomorrow but here are some things that I don't want to forget...
She rubs her eyes when she's sleepy. She twirls her hair when she's falling asleep. She's sitting up. She started clapping on her 6 mth birthday! She started sitting in the shopping cart at the grocery instead of having to lug that big old heavy carseat inside! (yay!) She laughs at Annie and Jesse...and they louder they are the harder she laughs!
As soon as I sit down to feed her she opens her mouth. She can eat a bowl full of cereal in 3 minutes (and I think she's still hungry). She loves her jumpy but hates the excersaucer. She can roll to from back to front but won't go from front to back and this makes her mad! She naps better in the swing than in her bed, but we are working on that! She's sleeping all night (7-7) most nights.
She's happy. She likes the stroller and always falls asleep when we go for a jog. She laughs when I kiss her neck. She loves her bath and the vacume cleaner (I think she just likes noise...good thing b/c we have a lot of it in our house). She gets fussy when she gets the hiccups. She is still nursing. She will only take a bottle if it is warm. And I love her!

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allison said...

This brought me to tears. I love my cheeks...and she is beautiful :)