Friday, February 25, 2011


Yesterday, I took the kids to witness a little part of history. We went to the beach to watch Space Shuttle Discovery's last mission. It was a beautiful day and the beach was absolutely packed with people watching the shuttle!
Launch was at 4:50...about 45 secs past, you could hear people start mumbling "there it is." We are a good 30 miles (maybe more) away from the actual launch pad, so it starts out as this little glow in the sky, but as it gets higher you can see this huge ball of fire, followed by this incredible stream of smoke! It really is amazing. After the shuttle is completely out site and people are starting to turn away, that is when you can hear it. It sounds like nothing I have ever 30 freight trains combined and you can feel it. Kind of like a small earthquake! It is just so coo!
Molly watching and waiting! (She has no idea what for, but she was patient!)
I explained to Annie and Jesse before we left that this was a BIG deal. That one day when they got older, they could tell their kids that they saw Discovery's last mission into outer space. Annie responds "But I don't want to watch the space ship when I get big...I want to watch it today!"
Of course, after we talking this event up all day and getting them all excited about watching the shuttle, the second we got onto the beach, that is the only thing that they really cared about. In their defense, it had been awhile since we have had a beach day!
Annie kept asking to go walk in the water. I finally told her that after we see the shuttle, they can go in the water. So as soon as I said "There it is," Annie didn't even look up in the sky. She just says "Can we go in the water now!" haha
As much as they didn't seem to be into the shuttle, Jesse did decide that he wants to be an astronaunt now! I think they liked it!

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