Wednesday, February 2, 2011


This weekend, Tanner and I had a long drive by ourselves and as we were driving we started talking about whether we should move or not. This is a conversation that comes up A LOT! There are a million different reasons.
Anyway, once we got back home, we took the kids across the street to this...

And we fished...

And they threw rocks in the water (a favorite activity).
Times like this, and days like this, seeing my kids fishing and throwing rocks into this beautiful river, I need to step back and just be thankful for lots of things, especially for where we live and the amazing life that we have right where we are! (This might sound cheesy but I just had to write what I was feeling!)
I think Molly likes it here...check out that smile!
And I even caught a fish. Don't think we will be making a dinner out of that one, but the kids thought it was cool!

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