Saturday, April 9, 2011

Girls Night Out

Annie and I (along with Sarah and Addison) had a girls night out this week! Spending some one on one time with my girl made me realize how much she is growing up. All day we talked about going to watch the dance show. She was so excited and told me "Mom, I really like to hang out with you!" I told her to be sure to remember saying that when she's 16! I like hanging out with you too, Annie!
She was excited to put on her dress and loved my necklace. She put on some "makeup" (lip gloss) before we got out of the car to go in! She's such a girly girl with a little mix of tom-boy!
Oh, and this baby! It goes everywhere with us. She's such the little momma too!
We went and saw the New Smyrna Beach High School dance team, The Showdolls. And to brag for a second on our hometown dance team...they are 14 time national champs! They really are incredible to watch and I was so impressed with the choices in costumes and was very classy and tasteful! The show lasted 2 hours, which we thought the girls would make it through maybe 1/2 before we had to leave, but nope! They were mesmorized and we stayed to watch the entire show! I'm pretty sure Annie wants to be a Showdoll now!