Sunday, April 17, 2011

8 months

Molly turned 8 months week...I love 8 months! It is such a fun age! Look how fun she is w/ that "fun" hair! She's sooo close to crawling, but not mobile yet! (thank goodness!) She can get onto her knees from the sitting position, but just rocks back and forth or falls on her belly!
She still loves her jumpy. She makes cooing noise constantly. She can almost do "so big."
She is starting to eat "real" food. (she had her first french fry last night and loved it!) Crackers and puffs keep her very happy in the stroller or shopping cart.
I will say this again, Molly is such a happy girl and good baby! I think its those rolls and cheeks that keep her so content! I'm loving watching her grow up...this never gets old!

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