Tuesday, July 19, 2011

11 months!

Can't believe it has been 11 months of fun with my sweet little Molly!

This little girl is just the sprinkles and whip cream on top! Her little scrunchy smile will put an instant smile on anyone's face! It doesn't matter if we are at the grocery store, walking down the street, or at the park...she stops traffic! hehe! :-)

She is still doing the bear crawl to get from here to there! She's standing completely on her own and has taken one or two steps, but she's not walking yet! I'm actually really looking forward to the day that she starts walking. Crawling means that she is closer to the ground to spot little things to pick up and put in her mouth! And crawling on the beach means handfuls of sand that go straight into her mouth! EWW!
This past month, her sweet "chill" personality has been somewhat overtaken by a fiesty, dramatic little girl. She will scream (not cry) at the top of lungs about anything. She will throw a little baby fit if she's not held, and after sleeping through the night almost every night since she was 6 weeks old, she has started to wake up again for no reason except that she wants to be held (at least that is all I can figure out b/c the minute I go check on her and pick her up, she puts her head on my shoulders and goes right back to sleep...until I try to put her back down, then its all screams again!).
Oh, the joy and drama of little girls!
Despite this little backslide we are experiencing (and which the past few days have been sooo much better) she still laughs constantly and plays with Annie and Jesse (who are getting more and more rough with her the bigger that she gets! I'm pretty sure Annie thinks she is her baby doll and carries her everywhere around the house, which cause more of those glass breaking screams from Molly!)
She loves to eat and still seems to enjoy a bottle or two everyday!
She LOVES the water (I think she may start swimming before Jesse at this point!).
She's just an easy baby to love!

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