Tuesday, July 19, 2011

3 years old!

Most of the time on these birthday posts, I always say how I can't believe my kids are the age that they are or I can't believe that time has passed so quickly. But I have to say, with Jesse this year, I feel like he is already 3! Maybe its because him and Annie are close in age and he is always trying to keep up with her! He is doing many of the same things that she does. Or maybe it is that now I have one who is older than Jesse and one who is younger! I dont know, but regardless...my boy is 3 years old today and that means it is time to celebrate!

This picture is just so Jesse! (He sat here in this bucket forever...just sat and enjoyed every minute of it!)

Jesse loves his sisters! He can drive Annie up the wall but he would do anything for her! I think sometimes she likes him around just so that he can go get things for her! And Molly...oh he loves Molly! He told me yesterday "I love Molly. I love her hands and her arms too. Can I kiss her arms?" (He also likes to bear hug her or just lay on top of her to show his "love.")

For awhile, jesse was much more timid when it came to doing daring things...or anything at all really! a few months ago, he probably wouldn't have even gone on the slip n slide, but he is getting more and more brave! Today he even boogie boarded in the waves at the beach all by himself!

When Jesse sees something that he likes he will keep it close to him until he moves on to the next thing! He kept these swimmy arms on almost all day, and as you can see, didn't even take them off for nap (which I didn't even fight b/c he looked so cute!). Right now is he sleeping with a toy guitar that he got this morning for his birthday!

And Jesse will not be giving up his nap anytime soon! When 12:30 or 1:00 hit, its lights out no matter what we are doing!

Jesse loves all things BOY! Even being stuck inbetween 2 girls has had no influence on his choice of toys! God made Jesse a boy and he is wired as one for sure! He loves trucks trains planes, guns (gutters as he calls them) balls sports anything boy! Which of course means that he loves the number one boy in his life too...daddy! When Tanner comes home from work at night you would think that he hadnt seen him in years! He screams and dances around! (but he secretly picks me when he's tired or times are rough for him! ;-)

Jess is smilely...most of the time, not as independent as his big sis, a little more cautious, way more silly, may live on a different planet half of the time, is not as emotional as his sisters or I am but with that said, he will let know how he's feeling!

He gets very excited about small things, which I love!

I pray that Jesse will always love God and be kind!

I love this litte boy and am so thankful that he is my Jesse!

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Amber said...

Jesse makes me think I could have a boy! :) Hope he had a great day! Your kids are beautiful, Corey!