Saturday, August 13, 2011

My baby is 1!!!!

1 year old...what?
My baby is 1 year old! My baby is 1 year old! I have to keep telling myself this b/c it is just so hard to believe that it has already been a year since she has become part of our family! It seems like just yesterday that we didn't even know if Molly was a boy or a girl, and now it seems like she has forever been part of our family!

She has definitely outgrown that little cranky phase that I talked about in her 11 month post! She is back to being my sweet happy little girl! She is constantly giving kisses and laughing at all of us (probably thinking in her mind how crazy we all are!).

But despite her sweetness, she can hold her own. When she sees what she wants, she goes after it and will let everyone around her know if she doesn't get it. I have never heard another baby (or person or animal for that matter) scream in such a high pitch tone. But she also does this loud screak if she is happy too, so most of our day consists of listening to these shreeks and squeals! Annie and Jesse can sometimes be found holding their ears!

And trying to take pictures of her now and is close to impossible...just getting her to keep still is hard enough! she is EVERYWHERE...walking constantly and would rather walk than crawl (as a matter of fact, I can't remember the last time I have seen her crawl!)

She is back to sleeping GREAT (7-7), eating anything and everything! I finally gave her peanutbutter and honey this reactions, thank goodness! This will make my life so much easier, since annie and Jesse eat pb and honey sandwiches everyday for lunch! :-) She isn't saying many words, just ma-ma, da-da and yum yum, but I swore the other day she said Who Dat, and I'm not kidding! She will "repeat" what I in she squeals the correct amount of syllables! She dances constantly (and even fist pumps as soon as she hears "oh when the saints go marching in"...I'm not brainwashing her, I swear!). She kind of starting to sit and listen to books and seems to "get" the concept of coloring!

I am loving every single little milestone that is happening all over again with Molly! And I know now, they are going to start coming daily! She's growing fast and trying to keep up with her brother and sister!

I love my 1 year old!

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