Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

Last night Tanner asked me what the best part of 2011 was! I had to think about this for awhile...the past 3 out of 4 years have been easy b/c I always said it was when one of our kids was born. This year there was no baby born in the Brock family. But there are three amazing kids that are growing and learning so much daily! So my answer to him is...
1. watching Annie learn to read and develop a love of books. This brings tears to my eyes!

2. watching Jesse turn from this little toddler into a full on boy. His love of all things boy...fishing, nerf guns, baseball, lizards, aggrivating his sisters to no end...I love him!

3. watching all of Molly's "firsts." This year she learned to walk, talk, color, feed herself and just grow into her hillarious personality!

Of course, I said all of these things after first saying that the best part of 2011 was going to see Kenny Chesney and Zack Brown! ;-)

We did so much in 2011 including going to Mardi Gras, going to NOrth Carolina twice and spending a week with just the 5 of us in Panama City! It was a great year!

And now onto 2012!!!

After spending a week at home, with Tanner home and not being in our normal routine, I have to say that I was ready for today...ready to get back into our routine...ready to really start 2012! I feel like our kids do better when they know what to expect and when I have things planned! When Tanner is home we spend too much time watching tv and just being lazy. (This is NOT Tanner's fault...its just what we do. We sit around and sip coffee in the morning before any of us get moving). I also don't take care of my chores the way that I do when Tanner is at work. I did 6 loads...yes 6, of laundry yesterday and still have three more to do today b/c I kept putting it off when he was home! Oh well, just being together was so nice!

My resolutions for this year are:
1. Plan ahead...I am such a procrastinator.
2. Do at least one creative thing a week...whether it is something for the house or scrapbooking or whatever! Pinterest helps with this so much! I have enough pins to do something creative each day for the whole year! ;-)
3. Be more organized! I say this every year and still I feel like everything is a mess! Idealy I would love to organize one thing...whether it is a room, a drawer, a closet etc each week. I probably won't stick to that though!
4. Be in the moment with my kids. Sometimes when we are playing I am sitting there thinking of the 20 zillion other things that need to get done instead of just realizing that playing with them is really the only thing that is important!
As I write this Annie is sitting next to me with a book waiting for me to read with her! ;-)

Happy 2012!
PS...I need to start blogging again so I can remember all the little moments that are happening right now!


Stephanie Howell said...

love this post. gosh, you guys are precious. xxo

Sabbyscrap said...

Happy 2012 to you too. Sending you happy smiles from the other end of the planet. Cheers from Bordeaux, FR