Saturday, January 14, 2012

Girls Vs. Boy

I remember when we were pregnant for Molly and we didn't know if she was a girl or a boy...tanner kept saying that the only reason he was pulling for a boy was so Jesse wouldn't be sandwiched between two girls! Well, that's exactly what happened. And not only is he stuck in between these two girls but he is stuck between these two girly girls that LOVE playing with dolls and make up and princesses!
Its not so bad though! In fact there are some days or moments where their differences are almost unnoticeable! Those times when Annie convinces him to play babies with her and she is his "mommy." or those times when they play tag in the backyard and just run around like kids for hours (or minutes).
However, more and more I am starting to see the huge differences in girls and boys! Annie is such a mommy to her younger siblings. Jesse is such a typical big brother and little brother...frustrating his sisters to no end! Annie could play with her baby dolls dressed up as Belle or Cinderella all day, where as Jesse carries a nerf gun around with him at all times. Annie is so dramatic and Jesse is so active! Annie is so independent and Jesse is such a momma's boy! I love seeing these differences and watching my girls and boy grow!
Now Tanner is glad that MOlly ended up being a girl! Him and Jesse do "boy" things together like fishing and Tanner always says that he doesn't know if he could handle two boys out there! ;-) God knew what he was doing when he "sandwiched" Jesse in between his two sisters...and he looks ok with it!

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