Monday, October 14, 2013


This evening, Annie had "observation day" at her dance class.  This is where all the parents get to sit in on their child's class and watch what they have learned so far this year.  As I sat there watching her, realizing how much she has grown, I decided it was time to start blogging again!  Not for anyone, but just for me (and maybe for my kids one day if they want to read this).

It was one of those moments, today, at dance class.  One of those moments when I had tears running down my face for no reason at all, except watching Annie dance.  One of those moments that lasted a whole 1/2 second before I got slammed back into reality by a screaming 1 year old, a 3 year old that needed to go to the bathroom (twice), and a 5 year old boy that CANNOT sit still for longer than 30 seconds! 

Rewind to 15 minutes earlier.  15 minutes earlier when we should have already been at dance class because that's when it started.  15 minutes earlier when we were just leaving piano lessons for Annie because the two activities that she does happen to fall back to back on the same day.  Rushing to get to dance, I was hoping to drop her off and run home and get dinner started.  We were supposed to try a new recipe tonight.  One that I got off a new blog that I found with tons of great clean eating meals.  Because this was going to be the week that I cooked "clean" meals every night.  Of course pulling up to dance and realizing it was observation day meant we stayed...we ALL stayed and no cooking for me, Mcdonalds it was going be!

Back to sitting in the dance studio.  I'm rummaging around for anything to give Johnny to eat because how else are you going to get a busy 1 year old to sit still and be happy for an hour (well, 45 minutes since we were late)?  Score...a 1/2 eaten bag of Cheetos in my purse!  We weren't eating "clean" tonight anyway, right!  And those Cheetos...those came from the vending machine at the laundry matt where were went for almost 2 hours to wash 5 loads of laundry today because our washing machine broke this weekend!  And of course what do you do at a laundry matt with 4 kids besides eat Cheetos from a vending machine, right! 

So, as I sat there in the tiny dance classroom, with a very messy cheesy faced baby, my Molly who just wants to wear dance shoes and go do class with Annie (and go to the bathroom too much) and Jesse who was now playing angry birds on my phone (because that's how we roll), I thought, I have got to start blogging again.  Because I wan to remember.....remember these moments that are so crazy, and yet fill my heart so much it could literally burst! 

So, before I sat down tonight to fold the 174645738394739 pieces of clothes that I have to fold from the laundry matt, I decided to blog. 

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allison said...

Now I am crying....tears of happiness with you. This is exactly why we need to blog, not only for our kids but for us to live each others kids moments together. I love you and your growing up to fast, active, cheesy face, over-using the bathroom loving kids. I actually clicked on your blog meaning to go to the saved link below yours, but there was a reason I evidently landed here! Welcome back!!